Centennial National Projects

100,000 Native Plant Project

Recognizing the importance of native plants, the WNF&GA has taken on the ambitious challenge of planting 100,000 native plants to celebrate our 100th Anniversary.  For more information, please click on:

  • Interests – Environmental Concerns tab

Food Crops Project

Agriculture has historically been an important part of the WNF&GA’s early mission. To acknowledge that historical tradition, we will be recording the food crops grown by our members during the 2014 growing season. There is no final goal but rather a desire to see members’ contributions to homegrown food crops including vegetables, fruits and herbs. For more information, please click on:

  • Interests –  Agriculture – Food Crops  tab

Questions? Please email Suzanne at

Suzanne Smith-Oscilowski, Environment Director

Sylvia Wilson, Agriculture Director

Past President’s Update


June 30, 2014

Dear Farm & Garden Members & Friends,

Greetings from Ohio! It is a hot and steamy summer so far but the gardens &crops are thriving. Hope everyone is enjoying the weather. The other day someone remarked about the heat & humidity and I smiled….I was recalling the 17 days of below zero last winter! Another beautiful part of this summer here in Ohio is the lightening bug Read more

Celebrating 100 Years


APRIL 28, 2014

Dear Farm & Garden Members,

Isn’t it exciting that only weeks, not months, remain before the Centennial Celebration and National Meeting?!

So much is happening for this momentous occasion that I am writing to assist the Centennial Planning Committee with updates and to clarify some items. Currently, the Planning Committee consists of Kathy Welsh-Beveridge, Jenny Rose Carey, Linda Lowe, Leslie Morris-Smith, Mary Pat Ford, Maureen Thompson, Susan Hunt, Rita Urbanski, Sharee

Read more