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Warren/Sanders/McNaughton Oceanographic Scholarship

For graduate study in oceanography and related fields. This scholarship is awarded annually for $1500. It is good for one year of study, though the student may apply each year for its continued support.

Upon receiving this award the student agrees to follow and complete the program of study or research as outlined in the application, and to communicate with the Scholarship Chair any changes in the program, as well as periodic progress reports.

There is no formal application.

To apply please write a letter and include the following:

  • Your name and address
  • Statement of objectives and interests
  • Resume with 2 letters of recommendation
  • 2 Personal reference letters
  • Academic transcripts
  • Description of planned program at Educational Institution

Please mail to palettepetals@gmail.com .

For advanced study in agriculture, horticulture and related fields.

For directions for applying click here…Sarah-BradleyTyson-Fellowship-information 


Copied from

‘A Chronicle: History of Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association’

by Martha A. Nolan

The Sarah Bradley Tyson Memorial Fellowship was the first Association memorial scholarship, established in honor of Mrs. Tyson who served as the second national president 1921–1924. A resident of the Chicago area, Mrs. Tyson was president of the Mid-West Branch organized in 1915. A native of Vermont, Mrs. Tyson maintained her homestead, Rice Farm, near Brattleboro, where she supervised extensive orchards and dairy and poultry operations. Shipments of apples, maple sugar, turkeys, cream and butter made their way regularly to Boston from Rice Farm. In the summer months, Mrs. Tyson brought young women students to the farm for practical training for which they were paid. Mrs. Tyson was vitally interested in improving relations between city and rural women and in government programs related to the improvement of farm and community life. She sponsored many 4-H scholarships for rural girls.

During her term as national president, Mrs. Tyson moved the Association’s office from New York to Chicago where she underwrote the cost of operation and secretarial assistance. Her greatest interest was in bringing the Association’s publication to a higher standard of quality as she felt the magazine vital to the Association’s growth.

Following Mrs. Tyson’s death in 1928, the Association raised $10,000 for the establishment of the memorial scholarship. The fund originally provided an annual award of $500 for the advanced study of agriculture, horticulture or related professions for young women. By 1947, however, interest from the fund no longer sustained the annual award and the Association raised an additional $6000 for this purpose. Mr. Tyson contributed $1000 of this sum.

The fund is in the hands of the Boston Safe Deposit and Trust Co., and members of the Association serve as trustees. The number of fellowships awarded annually is contingent on the earned income.


As a correction to the above article, the funds are currently in the hands of Mellon Bank and Trust Co.


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