Education is Our Future

The WNF&GA has an ever-growing emphasis on educational awards and scholarships in agricultural, horticultural and related fields of study.

In addition to awards granted by branches and divisions, Association scholarship programs include undergraduate and graduate study in agriculture and horticultural therapy; oceanography and aquatic study; and an award designated for the physically handicapped.

Since 1914, educational awards and scholarships have totaled over $1 million dollars.

Anyone wishing to donate to any of our scholarships please send your donation to WNFGA E & C Treasurer Susan Hunt at 238 Causeway Street Medfield, MA.02052.     Write all checks to WNFG&A.  On the memo line of the check please indicate purpose of the donation.

The scholarship awards presented each year by WNF&GA are:

The Burlingame/Gerrity Horticultural Therapy Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to a student enrolled in a bachelors degree program in horticultural therapy. This student is chosen by the college. The amount of each scholarship is $500.00.  The contact person is Marla Diamond,

The WNF&GA Temple University, Ambler College Scholarship

Given for landscape design and/or horticulture study. Two scholarships are awarded yearly through the generosity of matching funds by the Faith Tiberio Foundation. Ambler College chooses the students to receive these awards. The contact person is Faith Tiberio.

For more information regarding these scholarships and on how to apply please fill out our Contact Us form.

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